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About PopBox

PopBox is a self-service parcel locker that acts as an alternative address for customers to conveniently collect their parcels from.
This innovation serves as a practical solution for managing packages while minimizing human interaction.
This service is supplied by Sunway Popbox Sdn Bhd (200301020470)

PopBox Location in Garden Plaza

PopBox are placed at outside of main lobby at Cambridge Tower (CT) ground floor.

Garden Plaza X PopBox at CT GF

Advantages of using PopBox

  • Free of Charge for Online Shoppers
    Online shoppers enjoy a cost-free option, making PopBox an attractive and economical parcel receiving choice.
  • Contactless Collection
    PopBox makes picking up packages safe without needing physical contact.
  • Flexible Collection Time
    Online shoppers can collect parcels at their convenience within three-day.
  • Parcel Security and Privacy
    PopBox takes care to keep packages secure and private for shoppers.

PopBox Fun Facts

  • More than 270 locations in Klang Valley.
  • More than 100,000 tractions per month.
  • More than 53,000 active users.
  • Users are about 56% Male, 44% Female
  • Age group having equal split of 50% between
    23-35 and 36 -50 years old.

What do we offer?

Step into the future of package management with PopBox, where convenience meets efficiency. Our state-of-the-art system boasts two main units, equipped with 16 easily accessible columns, offering a grand total of 120 parcel slots for your convenience.

Garden Plaza PopBox Locker

How many sizes available?

No matter the size or quantity of your packages, PopBox has you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of missed deliveries and hello to seamless parcel management with PopBox.
Discover the perfect fit for your parcels among our diverse selection of sizes:

PopBox Locker Size Box

PopBox Locker Size L

Size Large (L)
31cm (H) x 34cm (L) x 48cm (W)
16 units

PopBox Locker Size M

Size Medium (M)
18cm (H) x 34cm (L) x 48cm (W)
44 units

PopBox Locker Size S

Size Small (S)
10cm (H) x 34cm (L) x 48cm (W)
120 units

PopBox Locker Size XS

Size Extra Small (XS)
18cm (H) x 19cm (L) x 48cm (W)
Not available at Garden Plaza

How to use PopBox?

For recipient

For courier service

3 Easy Steps To Use PopBox!

Step 1: Download

Download via Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei App Gallery. Links available below.

Step 2: Register

Register your mobile number.

Log in and enable notifications to be informed of new PopBox parcels.

Step 3: Collect

Select "Your Transaction" to view all parcels available along with its collection PIN and details.

Click on a parcel and scan the QR code at the PopBox locker scanner for quick selection.

popbox apps 3 steps

Download PopBox mobile apps now!

popbox apps preview

Or scan this QR code!

popbox qr

Need help?

If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Sunway PopBox team.

Phone    +603-2935 9024 (Weekdays: 9am-6pm, excluding public holiday)
Email    infomy@popbox.asia
Website    https://www.popbox.asia/
Facebook    PopBox Malaysia (Weekdays: 9am-8pm & Weekends: 10am-4pm)
Instagram    @popboxmy
TikTok    @popbox.my