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About PopBox

PopBox is a self-service parcel locker that acts as an alternative address for customers to conveniently collect their parcels from.
This innovation serves as a practical solution for managing packages while minimizing human interaction.
This service is supplied by Sunway Popbox Sdn Bhd (200301020470)

PopBox Location in Garden Plaza

PopBox is placed at outside of main lobby at Cambridge Tower (CT).

Advantages of using PopBox

  • Free of Charge for Online Shoppers
    Online shoppers enjoy a cost-free option, making PopBox an attractive and economical parcel receiving choice.
  • Contactless Collection
    PopBox makes picking up packages safe without needing physical contact.
  • Flexible Collection Time
    Online shoppers can collect parcels at their convenience within three-day.
  • Parcel Security and Privacy
    PopBox takes care to keep packages secure and private for shoppers.

PopBox Target Market

  • More than 100,000 tractions per month.
  • 53,000 active users.
  • More than 270 locations in Klang Valley.
  • Users are 56% Male, 44% Female
    with equal split of age group between 23 -35 and 36-50.

What do we offer?

PopBox Locker

How many sizes available?

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How to use PopBox?

Guidebook for recipient?


Guidebook for courier service?


Need help?

Phone    +603-2935 9024 (Weekdays 9AM-6PM)
Email    infomy@popbox.asia
Website    https://www.popbox.asia/
Facebook    PopBox Malaysia
Instagram    @popboxmy
TikTok    @popbox.my